PT. Bali Trend Produs, Company
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PT. Bali Trend Produs, Company


Indonesia, Bali, Denpasar, Jl. Tangkuban Perahu 276 Padang Sumbu - Padang Sanblan Klod


Ms. Sandra Barnabe


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PT. Bali Trend Produs, Company

PT Bali Trend Produs is a company based in Bali, Indonesia, organized around one factory and two specialized brands of products, IndoLED and InSens’ o. This specific organization allows the factory to combine the quality and the handmade specifies of InSens’ o to the technologies and innovation of the LED specialist for production efficiency. Therefore PT Bali Trend Produs can offer two ranges of items to its customers and specifics services, InSens’ o for the “ Lighting and Feelings” , IndoLED as the “ LED specialist” . The heart of this company is the plant of 60 workers and its organization based on Concurrent Engineering concept. All the Production, the Design Department, the Research and Development and the Marketing Departments are working together in a project management process. This allows the factory to produce goods of quality with efficiency, according to the System of Quality Management, based on ISO 9001: 2008. Resources and skills To unsure a perfect control of the production and the innovation, PT Bali Trend Produs have mixed the knowledge and expertise from culture and experience; the design is made by Italian designer Roberto Tenace, working with a French Team of Engineering, Marketing, Sales and Purchasing, associated to the capacity and quality of production from Indonesian workers, designers and leaders. Quality System Management The Quality System and the supply chain management have been set according the Quality International standards, such as ISO 9001: 2008. The Industrial Director, assisted by the Quality Control and the Technical Administration, manage the Quality policy into all the processes of production. They constantly check the compliance of both technical and customer requirements and specifications on each step of the item manufacturing process. Inside each department, a quality leader is controlling and reporting the respect of quality standards. From the birth of each new design, until the industrialization and the supply chain management, the quality standards are clearly defined and checked with specifications and requirements. The compliance of the production to quality and efficiency are constant goals for all the actors of the QSM. The Test, Qualification and Certification Department manage regulation and technological monitoring to unsure our products comply with all the regulations and standards of export needs.


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